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Auction.co.za’s aim is to bring transparency back to the used-car sales industry. This means that consumers will feel more comfortable knowing that they are buying and selling vehicles at an authentic market-related price. As an ancillary of DealersOnline, auction.co.za has 11 years of experience in the online auction space, accumulating auto data and perfecting algorithms to drive this innovation. Big data, backed by technology, is good news for the industry. DealersOnline inspects 500 000 assets and sells more than 5 000 vehicles a month from corporate fleets, rental companies, dealers, banks and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), so it is a natural progression to give consumers their own marketplace. Auction.co.za exposes your vehicles to thousands of pre-qualified buyers, thereby maximising profits in a transparent manner. Our efficient and fair sales procedure and automated reporting system ensures a quick turnaround time from stock to income while being transparent, fully auditable and Consumer Protection Act (CPA) compliant. As a tech-driven online service, transparency is a key focus because we inspect and test-drive every car giving it a rating. A list of exactly what is wrong with the car is included in the online vehicle profile allowing buyers to make an informed decision as opposed to having to live with hidden defects. This means that sellers will be now be able to get the maximum value for their vehicle and buyers will know exactly what they are buying. Vehicle buyers will have access to pre-approved loans prior to bidding. Those in danger of having their vehicles repossessed will be able to achieve higher value, as the public will be able to participate in these auctions. To take advantage of these innovative services, contact us (link) today!

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