Frequently asked Questions

Why are our auctions different?

We want you to be able to buy your next car from almost anywhere in the world, where there is an internet connection of course. is an online auction facility and because of that we want you to understand the condition of the vehicle better than if you had inspected the vehicle yourself.

I am a first-time buyer... How do I register?

For individual/natural persons:

We have created an online registration on We also use a mobile application to collect the information we need.
Please make sure you have the following available for registration:

  1. ID
  2. Proof of residence
  3. Proof of banking details I we need to refund a deposit
  4. Proof of deposit payment if you don’t want to use our online payment process

Dealers & Companies

  1. Business proof of residence
  2. Business registration documents
  3. Traffic register certificate
  4. Resolution letter authorising the representative to buy on behalf of company, with proxy and buyers details as well as confirmation of the company’s shareholding; and those with more than (Twenty Five) 25% voting rights.
  5. Proxy and buyer’s ID and proof of residence
  6. Resolution signatory or Owner, decision makers ID and proof of residence.
  7. Proxy details/BRN certificate/Dealer stocking certificate/Traffic Register certificate (from the License Department)

Sole proprietors

  1. Utility Bill with current residential address
  2. Owner’s ID original and proof of address
  3. If registered for VAT, SARS letter with VAT Number
  4. Mandate form signed by individual if third person is appointed by sole proprietor reflecting authority of all person/s authorised to establish business on behalf of individual/sole proprietor
  5. ID Document of mandate holder/s and proof of address


  1. Partnership agreement
  2. Partners’ ID copies and Proof of residential address *
  3. SARS letter with VAT Number **
  4. Proof of business address *
  5. Resolution letter authorising the representative to buy on behalf of company, with proxy and buyers details
  6. Proxy and buyer’s ID
  7. Proxy details/BRN certificate/Dealer stocking certificate/Traffic Register certificate (from the License Department)


  1. Trust deed/Will and Testament/Founding Document or official foreign documents
  2. Proof of address
  3. Letter or amended letter, of authority issued by the master of the high court or official foreign documents
  4. Mandate form duly executed (validated by the minutes, extract of minutes or resolution by trustees) reflecting authority of all person/s authorised to establish business relationship
  5. Address of Master where trust is registered (reflected on Letter of Authority/Appointment by Master)
  6. Tax clearance certificate (if vat registered)
  7. ID’s of all trustees, address and contact details

What else should I know

  1. Buyers residing or operating from someone else’s premises may submit an affidavit with an ID copy of the premises owner.
  2. A marriage certificate may be submitted as proof of spouse’s address.
  3. A lease agreement may be submitted to, for those renting from agencies
  4. South African green ID book or Smart ID are the only forms of identification accepted for South African citizens.

How do I pay my deposit?

An EFT can be made into our Trust Account, held with
Bank Details Standard Bank
Account Number 00 200 603 0
Branch Code: 00 4305

What is a reserve price?

The Seller determines a value that the vehicle can be auction at by It is possible to sell a vehicle below the reserve price however the Seller must approve the value. Reserve prices are not disclosed to buyers.

Where do the vehicles come from?

We receive our vehicles from several top companies in South Africa. We will also make sure you know the source of the vehicle you are interested in, when browsing through the auction catalogue.

Can I view the vehicles before the auction?

Of course. The location of the vehicle is included in the description of the vehicle. The vehicle will not be brought to you, you must make your way to the location at your own cost. You can request to see the vehicle by emailing us at or calling us 021 551 8059 Please remember to bring proof of identity. If you wish to drive the vehicle, you will need your drivers license also. Please specify that you wish to drive the vehicle when sending the viewing request, so that arrangements can be made ahead of time. What are the vehicle codes?

We sell vehicles of three code types:

  1. Code 2: These are second hand used vehicles that have had one or more previous owners, or they've been recovered after having been stolen or they have been in a minor accident.
  2. Code 3: These are Code 1 or Code 2 vehicles that have been involved in an accident and are unfit to use on the road. These cars have been structurally damaged and need substantial rebuilding before they can be deemed roadworthy
  3. Code 4: These are cars that can be sold as "parts only". They've been permanently damaged, which means that the chassis has either been compacted, compressed or melted.

I need Finance!

We have a team of accredited individuals available to you. They will help you determine your affordability, the point at which you should stop bidding. If you click you will be directed to Auction Finance who will assist with all your finance requirements. There are certain vehicles that are not financeable, due to the condition of the vehicle.

What happens after the auction and I am the highest bidder?

You will receive an email, to the email address you registered with, confirming you are the highest bidder. On this email will find instructions regarding the next steps. You have 24 hours to pay for your car and 2 additional days to collect your car!

I made a mistake! I can’t afford the car!

If you are the highest bidder, you are the owner of a used car and that is legally binding. We will direct you to the accredited finance team who will assist you with a finance application. If it is determined that you can’t afford the vehicle, your deposit will be forfeit and you will not be allowed bid on auction again.

Where can I see what auctions are happening in the future? will list all future auctions online, and any vehicle added to those auctions, can be viewed online as soon as they are available.

If I have paid by eft, can I have my deposit back?

Yes, if it reflects in our bank account and if you haven't bought any vehicles on auction. You must request your deposit to be refunded. We ask for proof of banking details when you register so please make sure they are correct. It will take 7 days to refund your deposit. If you have bought on auction, your deposit will be deducted from your invoice amount, if you are paying cash and the money reflects in our bank account. If you have financed, your deposit can be returned to you once the bank has paid us. You can also use it as a deposit on your finance.

How will the total amount on my invoice be calculated?

The final bid price plus the buyer’s commission plus the documentation fee will result in the total invoice amount. This invoice will include VAT at the regulated SARS rate.

What charges are made as fees and administration? charges a buyer’s commission of 6% of the final bid price excluding VAT, and a documentation fee of R2000.00 including VAT, on all sales. You are responsible for the payment of VAT also.

What about delivery and collection?

Should you require a vehicle transport service, we can provide a quote for delivery to a destination of your choice. This amount can be added to your finance amount – should you be financing. This will be invoiced to you should you be paying cash.

After I have won a bid, when can I collect my vehicle?

No vehicles will be released during the auction. Your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you directly after the auction with your Tax Invoice. Thereafter payment can be made, please ensure that the payment reflects the correct reference number. The vehicle can be collected as soon as the payment is made and reflected in our bank account. Please ensure that the proof of payment is presented on collection of the vehicle.

We do not accept cheques.

An appointment must be made to collect the vehicle to ensure we have the time to go through the delivery process thoroughly. You must collect the vehicle within 3 working days. Should you not collect your vehicle within 3 working days, you will be charged R150 per day storage, which must be paid before the vehicle is released to you.

Is the odometer reading accurate?

We do our best to reflect the odometer reading accurately however we cannot guarantee the reading.

Can you guarantee the soundness of the vehicle?

We do our very best to describe the vehicle as accurately as possible however any vehicle bought on auction is free of duty to repair.

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